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The Koopalings are the eight children of Bowser. They are constantly trying to defeat Mario, only to be stopped because they are so poorly organized.


LUDWIG VON KOOPA: He is the oldest of the Koopalings, and also the smartest. He is the leader of the seven teen Koopalings, and he is one rank below Bowser Jr.

LEMMY KOOPA: He is the second oldest, and the most immature. He doesn't actually hate Mario, he just does whatever Ludwig or Bowser tell him. Just not very well.

ROY KOOPA: A bully. He thinks pink and purple are "manly colors" and is always trying to get a girlfriend. He also enjoys beating up Iggy.

IGGY KOOPA: A nerd who happens to be friends with Lemmy. Iggy claims to be smart, even though he isn't. Many people blaim the failed machines the Koopa Troop makes on Ludwig, but Iggy makes most of Bowser's machines. Of course, Ludwig made all the ones that work.

WENDY O. KOOPA: A spoiled, 16-year-old brat. She hates Princess Toadstool, mainly because Peach has more junk than Wendy.

MORTON KOOPA JR: It's tough to nail Morton's personality, because he really has two. If he's in a good mood, he'll insult everyone he sees. If he's in a bad mood, he doesn't talk and will just immedeatly punch you in the face. Mario normally sees Morton in a bad mood.

LARRY KOOPA: At only about 14 years old, Larry's smart for his age. He can cheat anyone out of their money, even Wario. He is one of Bowser's favorites, like Ludwig and Bowser Jr.

BOWSER JR: While not technically part of the Koopalings, we'll put him here anyway. Bowser Jr. is one rank under Bowser, and one rank above Ludwig. He is Bowser's favorite son, mostly because Bowser Jr. is a lot more organized than the other Koopalings and has come much closer to defeating Mario than they have.

ADMIRIAL ACKBAR: Definitly not part of the Koopalings. IT'S A TRAP!